Singer 15CH1A Manual Sewing Machine


Singer 15CH1A Manual Sewing Machine has a unique design.

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Product Description

Singer 15CH1A Manual Sewing Machine has a unique design. This Device allows the balance wheel to run free, so that bobbins may be wound and the correct method of treadl ing acquired, without operating the stitching  mechanism.


Main Parts – Manual

b” Needle
b” Bobbin
b” Shuttle
b” Throat Plate
b” Feed dock

b” Heavy Hand Wheel
b” Long nickel-plated needle bar
b” Open type shuttle race system
b” Can be used by hand ( H/A), by foot; even can be changed to electrical with a specific motor
b” Backward sewing

Warranty: Singer 15CH1A Manual Sewing Machine comes with 5 years service warranty.


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